The following rates are offered for trips that are paid at the time of service. All trips require same day payment unless special arrangements have been made with our billing department. Our rate structure consists of a ‘base charge’ plus a ‘mileage’ rate for loaded miles.


Type of Service Base Charge Mileage
Wheelchair or Ambulatory $ 25.00 + $ 2.40
Hospital Discharge – Wheelchair $ 35.00 + $ 2.40
Stretcher/Cot $146.00 + $ 2.85


A typical transport for a client using a wheelchair going from a Nursing facility or private residence to a clinic that is 4 miles away would be calculated as:

Base charge of $25.00 plus loaded mileage of $9.60 (4 x 2.40) for a total one-way cost of $34.60.


Rates are subject to change. We recommend that clients call our office to confirm actual trip prices. We accept payment by cash, check, debit card, and all major credit cards.


Please note:

In many cases, our service is covered by various Minnesota Medical Assistance programs. Refer to ‘Insurance Eligibility’ to review eligibility information.

Medicare does not cover Non Emergency Medical Transportation.

Our company does not participate in the Wisconsin Medical Assistance program.


Northern Access is a locally owned company dedicated to delivering ‘full service’ wheelchair-accessible transportation services. Our helpful and friendly staff are eager to assist you.